Find the best luxury hotels during your holiday in the French capital

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For some tourists, a visit to Paris is not complete until they have spent a night or two in a luxury hotel. While budget travelers prefer renting apartments, luxury hotels offer many advantages: better services, ability to move suites or rooms, unique activities (cultural activities and performances), reliable check-ins, to mention a few. Most luxury hotels also don’t require visitors to pay a security deposit; they only charge regular room rates. Hotel Bedford, for example, only charges fixed prices for the different rooms available. Click here to view their rates and special offers. The guide explains how to find the best luxury hotel in Paris:

Consider the Location of the Hotel

Most large cities experience heavy traffic, making it difficult to traverse the city. As such, you want to look for a luxury hotel in a central neighborhood. It should be located in a practical spot to help you travel quickly to the tourist attractions. If you are visiting for the second or third time, define the activities you want to do and choose a hotel that makes it easy to perform them.

Prioritize Essential Features

Each luxury hotel has unique offerings; some are urban, located in a convenient location but congested while others are situated in residential neighborhoods where you need to commute. Consider if you want to spend time in a public commute or prefer a hotel that is close to a spa, national park, historical monument or other areas you would want to visit regularly.

The Style of Luxury Hotel

With the different types of luxury hotels in the city, you want to find one that suits your style. Boutique luxury hotels, for example, make excellent luxury dwellings for tourists looking for hotels equipped with all essential amenities and restaurant services. You may also opt for an independent luxury hotel that creates a homey feel and a distinct character. Other stylish options include private villas, chateaus and luxury yachts.

Review Luxury Hotel Guides

Guides for luxury hotels make it easy to find upscale accommodation anywhere in the world. The Relais & Chateaux is an excellent French luxury guide that has a list of more than 500 luxury hotels in Paris and around the globe.

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