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Travelling to the Comoro Islands

Travelling to the Comoro Islands: Learn more about its tourism and economics

The Comoro Islands (or Comoros) are an archipelago of volcanic islands, located between Mozambique and Madagascar. Compared to other famous Indian Ocean island destinations such as the Seychelles and Mauritius, the Comoros remain largely undiscovered by tourists: only 3,000 tourists visit…

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Visit the one and only Ile de Re for your next holiday!

Ile de Re has a good number of assets over many other famous holiday destinations: long oceanic coastlines, sunny days most of the year, natural landscapes, very good safety record and a number of historical ruins. It’s surely the place…

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Go for a traditional house for your holidays

Renting the right home on holiday can be very challenging, particularly when a large number of holiday makers is involved. Besides, it can get somewhat confusing to define the real difference between a bungalow, house and cottage.

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