Go for a stay in Rivedoux Plage, the famous Ile de Re village

Rivedoux Plage is a village to the north of the famous French island of Ile de Re and is the farthest spot of the continent. It’s a great holiday destination although it might be considered as the poorest village in the region. Choose a villa rental in Rivedoux Plage with http://myhomein-iledere.com for example, there's no way you would regret it!

Why opt for a villa rental in Rivedoux Plage?

Actually, a villa rental in Rivedoux Plage is an excellent opportunity for visitors to stay in a village that is mostly calm in winters and busy and lively in summers, particularly around the Liberty Square (Place de la Liberté). Terraces, cafés, shops and restaurants are great spots to spend some fun time; they generate a great atmosphere around the village and fill it with unique energy, just like the beautiful architecture dressed up in elegant hollyhocks flowers and climbing plants does.

Rivedoux Plage in the summer

Tourists visiting the village in the summer will be able to experience the daily life in a local market full of colors and flavors and situated around the previously mentioned square. Rivedoux Plage, is a place with an authentic glamour in a well preserved natural setting.. When in a holiday villa rental Rivedoux Plage you will get the chance of having two beaches nearby, the La Conche, a great destination for surf enthusiasts and La Trousse Chemise, the famous Charles Aznavour’s favorite in one of his most famous songs.

The perfect accommodation

A villa rental in Rivedoux Plage is undoubtedly the perfect accommodation for vacation enthusiasts opting for some place quiet, authentic and all opportunities to uncover this beauty of a village’s secrets that come with it. Rivedoux Plage enjoys a unique location in the Ile de Ré island and allows its visitors to fully experience all its natural wonders ranging from impressive coastlines and salt marshes to large and intimate forests...Huge waves for surf enthusiasts, some sandy beaches, sports clubs and many more attractions are there for the taking in Ile de Ré’s territory. Rent a villa in Rivedoux Plage immediately and please the whole family!

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