What vaccinations should I get when planning a trip to Mexico?

No matter where you travel, exposure to traveller's diseases is inevitable and does not exclude anyone, adult or child. Even pets are affected. This may be due to the presence of the disease at the location or simply due to the body's maladjustment to the climatic change caused by travel. Therefore, when considering a trip abroad, for example to Mexico, it is important to check with the travel medicine centre in that country, because vaccinations for Mexico are recommended.

For a tour in Mexico, the vaccinations are customized

If you are planning to travel to Mexico, you should also find out whether or not you need to be vaccinated. To do this, the medical advice service for travellers at the Pasteur Institute in Lille can give you all the necessary information. Especially, concerning the customization of vaccines for Mexico against travel diseases, because they are advised according to the specificity of the place of your destination. This is to help you and your travel companions avoid health threats during your stay.

In Mexico, vaccines are preventive

It's true, travel to Mexico does not require a specific vaccine. But, to any country on earth, especially when travelling abroad, contamination by traveller's diseases is almost unavoidable. It is transmitted only through human-to-human contact, insect bites, animal bites in rabies, etc. For this reason, vaccines for Mexico, such as chemoprophylaxis and meningococcal vaccines, are specifically designed to prevent invasive infection, malaria and mosquito bites.

Vaccines against epidemics are controlled

In Mexico, injections against several pandemics are already a general support for mass health protection. The application of these shots is mainly ordered by the high public health authority for the entire population living in the country. Also, vaccinations against hepatitis A and B, cholera, malaria and typhoid are also considered for most visitors and the effectiveness of some of them may be required by the local health authorities. So, before you go, check with your travel health centre to see what vaccinations are recommended for Mexico.

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