Holiday destinations

mai 4, 2016

Go for a stay in Rivedoux Plage, the famous Ile de Re village

Rivedoux Plage is a village to the north of the famous French island of Ile de Re and is the farthest spot of the continent. It’s a […]
mai 4, 2016

How to make the best of your holiday stay in Ile de Re?

An apartment rental in Ile de Ré is a perfect option to spend a relaxing vacation in the famous French island in Poitou-Charentes’s region where you will […]
mai 4, 2016

Visit Saint Martin de Re and enjoy a holiday rental there!

Saint Martin de Re is a beautiful, charming and authentic village of Ile de Ré and an accommodation like a bed and breakfast is all you need […]
mai 3, 2016

Stay in a cottage for the best of holidays!

Cottages have dotted the English countryside for hundreds of years, and untold generations lived within their walls until the lure of the city and centralized plumbing […]